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Join adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda as he travels throughout North America in pursuit of the archery Super Slam – all the 29 of the continent’s big-game animals. Considered the Everest of bowhunting, the Super Slam stands as the pinnacle of archery hunting achievements. Follow Miranda through 13 years and 54 hunts as he chases the incredible Super Slam.

Adventure Bowhunter is much more than a hunting book. It chronicles a quest that was 13 years in the making and required more than 54 hunting trips to accomplish. It not only follows author Tom Miranda’s tremendous achievement but also details the highs, lows, missed shots and, ultimately, successful hunts that comprise his journey. Further, it stands as a testament to the 29 big-game animals that make up the North American Super Slam.

Miranda leaves no question unanswered, as he describes the best areas, outfitters and equipment for each animal. Follow Miranda on his quest to capture the essence of big-game hunting.

In 1982, Tom Miranda became the adventurous Saturday morning bowhunter on ESPN. His Outdoor Adventure Magazine TV series took him across the globe on exciting expeditions, and viewers followed, hunting whitetail one week and ducks the next.

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