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Let Loose the Arrow by Rean Steenkamp succeeds in presenting ordinary and unique hunting experiences in such a way that when one starts reading, one simply cannot put the book down. Every hunt he has experienced tells its own story and encourages the reader to follow in the author’s footsteps and learn from his successes and mistakes. Let loose the arrow! is aimed at the ordinary bow hunter or rookie hunter and the purpose of this book is to put emphasis on the hunting of run-of-the-mill plains game. It is about the animals hunted by the average bow hunter, hunted as the average hunter hunts with his or her bow and arrow. It is about the mistakes bow hunters make and the things all hunters experience during this journey.

Cleve Cheney, well-known game ranger, bow hunter and writer says: “Reading Let Loose the Arrow has been an absolute delight. I remember as a young boy reading books on hunting by Peter Capstick (Death in the Long Grass) and Jim Corbett and about his hunting exploits in India, and Harry Wolhuter’s Memories of a Game Ranger. Reading these books made me “want to be there”. They had a great influence on where I eventually ended up. I get the same feeling when I read this book – it makes me “want to be there”, wanting to experience what Rean was experiencing. I think it will have the same effect on young boys and men who read it as the effect the books I mentioned had on me. The fact that it is not too technical makes it so much more pleasant to read. I think when one gets too technical it actually detracts from the readability of a book. It is like a breath of fresh air because it is honest – he is not trying to impress anybody but shares his emotions in an open and transparent way.

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