Zinyathi Game Ranch

zinyatiThe wind was blowing in all directions on the morning I was waiting in one of Zinyathi’s many blinds, writes Rean Steenkamp. I was hoping to bag an eland, but none would enter. I tried stalking one, but with the wind changing so often, it was to no avail.

I was hunting at Zinyathi Game Farm, a beautiful game farm with abundant game. With me in the blind was Piet, an excellent tracker. Since I wanted to shoot an eland, I allowed other animals to walk in, but did not take a shot. However, since the wind was blowing in all directions, I was starting to feel desperate. I was ready to shoot anything that walked in by then – be it an eland or not. And soon something did. It was a big warthog. It did not have long tusks, but it certainly had a big body.

As soon as the boar showed his flank square on, I placed my twenty-yard pin on a spot just above the elbow. I slowly squeezed the trigger and the arrow was off. The pig took off at a blinding pace, but about 40 yards further we could see it falter slightly and then it disappeared around a bush. Then we heard a “clunk” sound and we knew he was down!

Zinyahti Game Ranch is situated in the lush green bush of the Steenbokpan area. Three lodges, namely Zinyathi, Kolobe and Mafula forms part of the greater Zinyathi Game Farm, comprising an area in excess of 2750 ha. Zinyathi Lodge, boast ulta-luxury accommodation where foreign hunters are catered for, while Mafula Lodge is ideal for conferences and other corporate meetings. Here the visitor can relax and during sweltering summer days drinks can be enjoyed in one of the five swimming pools built around the bar area. Kolobe Lodge is earmarked for South African hunters where all the usual facilities with self-catering are available.

Zinyathi Game Ranch is near Lephalale (Ellisras) and hosts giraffe, eland, kudu, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, gemsbuck (oryx), kudu, impala, blesbuck, burchell’s zebra, ostrich, duiker, steenbuck and warthog. Local predators include brown hyenas, caracal (lynx), black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox and various smaller cats. Occasional visitors to the ranch includes leopard, cheetah and bushpig. It is approximately 13 kilometres west of Steenbokpan and 60 kilometres west of Lephalale (Ellisras) in the Limpopo Province. It is 350 kilometres from Pretoria and seven kilometres from the Botswana border.

Zinyathi Lodge also hosts a herd of buffalo and sable antelope, and Mafula Lodge is situated in the densest marula tree area in the world. I guess the warthog I shot was so fat since he was feeding on murala. The camp has a communal kitchen, dining room, and lounge combination, a lapa to braai (barbecue) and an upstairs lounge overlooking a waterhole.

Kolobe is ideal for South African bow hunters, families or private groups who want to enjoy the bushveld at a reasonable price. The camp consists of a communal kitchen, dining room, and lounge combination and a lapa overlooking a waterhole.

Zinyathi Game Farm is exempted for bow as well as rifle hunting and is situated in a malaria-free area.

My visit at this game ranch was double sweet, since I bagged a fine warthog and I spent time with my friend of more than 30 years, Johannes le Grange, a hearty fellow who manages the game farm. I will certainly be back later in the season for that eland, of that you can be sure!

For more information, phone Johannes at 073 220 8159 or 082 947 1519.

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